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Latest News & Events

St.Vincent's Food Bank

St.Vincent's staff and visitors to our Head Office in Old Trafford have been bringing items for the food bank over the last few months.

St.Vincent's started the food bank because many tenants had made staff aware that they were struggling buying food after paying rent and bills. The food bank was born and was placed in Reception.  It quickly filled up with a whole load of goodies from soup to salsa.

In total 15 food parcels have been produced so far and delivered to tenants that were nominated by members of staff. Quite a few boxes went to young tenants in the Manchester Foyer and some of those in the SnugBug scheme.

Only this week a parcel was sent out to a tenant who had had their Gas cut off in their property by the Gas Company in error. A request had been put in for a food parcel by the Neighbourhood Officer as she could not use use her cooker. Staff put a parcel together for her with items she could use without the use of a cooker, and the tenant was very grateful for this.

So far the idea has been a great success and the collecting will be ongoing as every little helps.


Author - Simon Lord | Added on 08/11/2013

We are looking for a new Chair of our Board....Could it be you?

Author - | Added on 07/11/2013

Residents demonstrate their crafting skills!

Residents at Vincent Court and volunteers at the UCAN Centre held an afternoon tea yesterday, meeting with other members of the community to discuss their experience of the recent craft sessions they have been attending. 

Residents have been working with professional crafter, Cheryl Beswick over the past 10 weeks, knitting and sewing beautiful handmade pieces as part of the ‘Make Do and Mend’ project.

The project has been so successful in inspiring the local community that Cheryl will be doing another course working with residents at Swithun Wells Court after Christmas!

Pictured: Cheryl gives some crafting tips to Residents at Swithun Wells Court

Author - Ruth Coglan | Added on 06/11/2013

Energy saving tips - Make the most of every penny you spend on energy


Turn your thermostat down


Reducing your room temp by 1 degree C could cut your heating bill by up to 10%


If you have a timer set your heating and hot water to come on when you need it


Fit thermal reflectors behind your radiators


Control radiator temperatures individually if they have thermostatic valves


Use water wisely


If you have a water cylinder turn it to 60 degrees C to kill all harmful bacteria yet heat your water


Use a lower temperature setting for the washing machine dishwasher and shower


Don’t overfill the kettle


Turn  off all electronic equipment that is on stand by


Do not leave mobiles and mobile phones on charge unnecessarily




Defrost freezer regularly


When buying new choose A or A+ rated equipment which uses less energy


Switch to low energy or LED lightbulbs


Turn off lights you don’t need but make sure you have enough lighting on stairs and hallway


Close curtains as soon as it starts going dark to keep the heat in


Monitor your energy use


A home energy monitor will tell you how much electricity your using and what it costs


Author - | Added on 21/10/2013

St.Vincent's staff conquer Scafell Pike

At 9.15am on a misty September morning a number of staff from St.Vincent's gathered in a car park  ready to take on the mighty and gruelling Scafell pike.

It is a feat in itself to take on Englands highest mountain but staff made sure they were ready for this by doing the Cheshire three peaks walk and Snowdon earlier on this year, to make sure they could take on whatever the mountain could throw at them.

They started off in high spirits but the elements were against them, the weather was terrible that day a very thick mist had came down which was hampering them, making it even harder to climb up the rocky mountain.

Lets just say it was a very interesting and eventful day with the weather, a couple of wrong turns,a twisted knee and some gentlemanly piggybacking down the mountain by Dave Mullins when Claire's leg got worse towards the end of the walk.

After a long long day finally finishing at around 7pm staff completed the walk and everyone was so happy to have done it, all staff pulled togther and worked really hard as a team to carry on after all that was thrown at them.

St.Vincent's chosen charity this year is Francis House Childrens Hospice and over £700 was raised by this walk alone. St.Vincent's are well on their way to reaching the target of £5,000.

So well done to staff who took part in the walk and to all staff who have raised money throughout the year for Francis House , keep up the good work !!





Author - Simon Lord | Added on 09/10/2013

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